Top 10 Secret On How to Pass JAMB 2020 Without Stress

Secret on how to pass JAMB
Secret on how to pass JAMB

If you have been searching for secret on how to pass jamb 2020 without stress and score 300 plus search no more, Because jamb secret have leaked which you have to calm down and read to the end ,

The secret am about to reveal to you here
You can not find it free else were except here in Informlearners and if today is your first day of visiting this great blog you are welcome to success home ,

Many jamb candidates have been asking me questions such as; is their any Secret on how to pass jamb and How to score above 300 in Jamb those and other related questions are what I will answer in this great article,

Did you really want to pass JAMB 2020? or you just want to no how jamb examination looks?

The choice is yours,

No, more story let me show you the key secret before I go on.

Note; 99% of those that applied this secret that I want to show you now in 2019 score above 300 in JAMB so be smart and take action were necessary.

Top 10 Secret on How to Pass JAMB 2020

1.) Do not be afraid of JAMB

Why must you be afraid of JAMB did you no that JAMB examination is just like your school examination but the only different is that it is external , the question is not set by your teachers but people that you do not no, jamb examination is CBT,

Remove that fear in you and give your self a name success because with that boldness in you that make you to give your self a name you are 30% ready to face JAMB CBT ,

But, other key secret that I will reveal to you soon will help you to boost your chance of passing jamb to 100% let go.

2.) Get drunk in studying

Do I really mean that you should get drunk in studying? Yes!

You need to, why must you get drunk in studying because it will make you to be able to answer any question boldly with full confidence because you no it, and how can you get drunk ? Start studying now! Not later

intoxicated yourself with reading , but not much rather normal, When is the exact time that is good to start studying for jamb? It is now, in my previous article I stated that you need to start studying as early as you can for you be able to pass jamb and those that follow my instructions Passed will those that do not Failed .

3.) Create reading time table

Creating reading time table is another secret on how to pass jamb 2020 reading time table is a guide that will shape you, it draw your attention and call you and tell you do this or do that ,

Create different subject for each day that may be sutable for you , during my own JAMB preparation back then I drafted out my time table and I make mathematics to be on Saturday why because it is weekend I will not wast much of my time playing rather I play for some Minuit and move back to my reading table,

in fact very fun which I later ended up scoring 255 in my JAMB you can make yours to be suitable for you at least one subject per day is OK.

4.) Stop studying alone

In fact I hate studying alone before the exam, I love associating my self with like mineded people so I can learn from them, they teach me what they know I teach them what I know, studying with like minded people will boost your studying time and rank,

In fact if you are reading and people are beside you , you will hardly sleep

because they are not sleeping too, but I do not force you to study with peoples rather try it if it work for you fine if not try to be studying alone at night because scientists have revealed that studying at night can help grow your brain .

5.) Do not depend on JAMB Expo

this is the father other secret on how to pass jamb that I mentioned before I can said that they are mothers, this make people fail like car with no break, a friend of my Emeka from imo state is a victim of this in 2018 when he paid a guy that promised him answer a day before exam #15,000 for the JAMB RUNZ / Expo

Which later failed at the end Emeka scored 149 in JAMB because he do not practice No 2.) Secret that I mentioned above, I advice you not to depend on JAMB runz or expo because noting like JAMB Expo this will lead us directly into another must practice secret by all Jamb candidates.

6.) Cut down your social life

Reduce your social life and improve your academic life, what do i mean

Social life is of two types

Physical social relationship
Online social media

Cutting down Physical social life means no how you associate with people ,

Know the type of friends you mingle with,

What about Online this means; reduce the amount of time you spend on social media like Facebook, I do not advice you to stop login login in to social media rather, reduce the amount of time spend, if is moving/motivating you to login always, I will recomment you to download App blocker Apk

once you want to study just open the app and set the amount of time you want for instance you want to study without making use of your phone from 12 till 2 the app will authomatically change your phone password to an unknown password that you do not know,

you are free to unlock your phone and start using, once the time you set have been exhausted, that is fine,

am going into the main point now,

7.) Take part in jamb mock

Some candidates do not know the value of that jamb mock,

The jamb mock exam is to prepare jamb candidates for their main exam it is to test your ability that is just the purpose.

8.) Select your friends like beens

The friends you mingle with matter a lot if you mingle with unserious people you also will soon be unserious but if you mingle with those that are ready to pass and gain admission, then you are in the right lane.

9.) Manage your time

Try as much as you can to make appropriate use of your time, in my i my previous article I stress much about time management during and before the examination, do not rush during the jamb rather be smart.

10.) Do not forget to pray

Are you a Muslim or Christian and you think prayer does not work my brother payer works more than you might think of, I see prayer as a Master key to unluck all the door that is unable to open , prayer goes with faith once you have faith that you want to pass and you pray , definitely you will.


Try to make sure that you register for JAMB early , put all this above secret on how to pass jamb that I just reaveled to you into practice, I wish you good luck.

I strongly believe that this great guide on secret on how to pass jamb 2020 will really help you ,

Did you have any question feel free to ask us we will reply to you as soon as we can.

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