Top 10 keys on how to prepare for WAEC 2020 – you will not fail waec after this guide

Top 10 keys on how to prepare for WAEC 2020 - you will not fail waec after this guide

I just keep on thinking on how to prepare for WAEC 2020 in the best way but I still can’t find the solution , what can I do I have no option for now! But am still in SS2 is it not too early for me to start preparing for WAEC chill even if you are in SS3 it is not yet late to start preparing,

just count your self lucky for seen this article let move on as i show you the right way to prepare for WAEC 2020 I call this preparation tips (WAEC Preparation keys) that you can use to unlock any door of WAEC Examination.


  1. Draft out a nice timetable
  2. Start preparing as early as possible
  3.  Join WAEC study group
  4.  Work on your handwriting
  5.  Study waec past questions
  6.  Always try to understand questions before you choose your answer
  7.  Learn to manage your time
  8.  Stay away from distraction
  9.  Always go straight to the point
  10.  Test your self before the exam

This above listed points can not be complete or be understandable without it been explained one after another , I will calm down now and explain it so it can be clear to you ,

I urge you to read and take action by trying to test my points in this article to no if it will work for you or not. Let go on.

1.) Draft out a nice timetable

The major first step to preparing for WAEC examination is you drafting out your personal timetable ,

this time table will sever as your study plan, for instance when I was preparing for my WAEC examination in 2018 no one told me that time table will ever help me in preparing for my WAEC adequately ,

but it is very bad that I noticed late, before I could noticed this method was two weeks to exam, do not make mistake of preparing late.

2.) Start Preparing As early as possible

Early preparation matters a lot, after drafting out your timetable the next thing is for you to take the necessary action which is studying , study as if tomorrow is your final exam ,

always make sure you understand each topic that you studied before moving to the next topic , during my preparation for JAMB in 2018 I was searching for how to study for JAMB effectively luckily to me I saw a post in which talks about early preparation for exam the tips I saw on the article really motivated me to study hard then,

my advice to you is that you should start studying your books now, do not wait that later I will start reading start now!

3.) Join a WAEC study group

WAEC study group is another great placee to always visit , what do I mean by WAEC study group example; WAEC offline or online tutorial ,

by offline I mean joining waec lesson and by online I mean joining waec related Facebook / WhatsApp or any other social media groups and you no that some of this group the admins do conduct tutorial sometimes with some helpful academic guides that some of the members will be sharing,

not only that some important information concerning waec will also be dropping on the group this learn us to the next tips.

4.) Work on your handwriting

This is among one of the major reason why many waec candidate do fail waec, in 2017 one of my friend by name John failed work just because of his bad handwriting

It is a fact that John is brilliant but his handwriting is not what to write home about, his handwriting is very bad , for you to prepare adequate for waec examination never forget to change your hand handwriting to good one if it is bad,

Make sure that your handwriting is neat and clear and readable by any one because the person marking your waec do not no you and if he/she mistakingly detect any error in your handwriting he/she will drop it immediately ,

So try to make an amendment in your handwriting to give you chance of passing your waec examination.

5.) Study WAEC past questions

Waec past questions is another key to unlock the door used to close WAEC , using past waec Questions to prepare is a great way to succeed in waec examination,

How to make use of past waec questions in preparing for waec is ; pick at least five different

Year of past questions then make sure you have been stuying your books before you use this method so it can work perfectly,

Start solving the past questions each day after reading just use it to do exercise , make sure you always use this to test your brain each day , many of us that make use of this great method in 2018 really give testimony after making use of it,

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A man once ask me Usulorinform how did you managed to pass your waec my son have been writing waec since last 4 year but couldn’t be Able to make it , can you suggest me a sure solution please? I stood for one hour before I replied that sir, 4 year? He said yes!

I said to him this year will be his last year of writing WAEC and fail but the only thing is that he need to take action , he said Ok i just Send this article to him to read after reading it to the end hmm! He discovered what he has not been doing that have been holding him,

After solving all the problems and register waec and write the exam lol! And behold the guy got 6 A’s with 2 B’s .

6.) Always try to understand questions before you choose your answer

Some students will they are writing exam will not even think at all , they will just be choosing answer like as if they already no the answer,

Always calm down and read the question well make sure you understand it before you answer, for example when a question like this comes in ; What are the types of photograph ? And what are the forms of photograph ?

Some people will carry answer that they are surpose to put in types and answer it in forms of photograph , which is the reason why your should always think well before you attempt the question.

7.) Learn to manage your time

Time management is very important when it comes to waec examination , in preparing to pass waec you do not need to be wasting your precious time doing nothing always ,

Spend your time doing something meaningful , Because time wait for no one, once today is gone it is gone and can never be seen again, if you waste your time playing instead of studying your books, you might regret it later.

8.) Stay away from distraction

Distraction is another problem that do face some waec candidates in their preparation, never allow distractions to bring you down,

instead run far away from distractions, this distraction really affected me in year 2018 during my waec preparation , since I discovered the problem early brother I need to look for the solution ,

To solve the problem park all my books to my Aunty’s place to stay with him, why do I move to stay with my aunty instead of staying at home is because in my Aunty’s place ,

I do not have friends unlike in our own house were all my friends do visite me , it was when I started stay with my aunty that I became comfortable , with rest of mind and no distractions at all, so as a waec candidate try as much as you can to discover your problem early and try to fine the solution to it.

9.) Always go straight to the point

This is the reason why a friend of mine wrote WAEC three times before making it, make sure you learn how to go straight to the point when you were asked a question.

When someone ask you question do not start to beat around the bush before you answer, rather tell him the answer period, example when you were ask WHO IS JESUS ?

and your started ; JESUS is my father in heaven, he is the creator of all things his father’s name is Joseph , while his mothers name is Mary. No it is wrong except if you were ask to explain before you can touch all those angles,

If you were ask who is a photographer just put; A photographer is someone who snapes a photograph. Simple you will get your full mark I hope you understand my point here?

10.) Test your self before the exam

Make sure you test your self before the main examination comes in , test your self with some helpful materials such as

JAMB CBT APP , JAMB past questions, etc make good use of those helpful materials to prepare for JAMB it is a great tool to use during JAMB preparation.

In fact write the exam in your mind before the main exam be in exam mood always and never loose hope do not just test your self , read first I mean study before you test your self.

Let me reveal a strategy a friend of my used to smash his waec exam , he downloaded one of the best JAMB CBT app, he always visite Usulorinform for councellorship , he bought all WAEC recommended text books and novels ,

He do not just get all those things he make good use of it , he read his book without depending on any one or depends on what some people call waec expo which do not work. My point here is for you to always test your self periodical after reading.

I hope you really love this great article titled how to prepare for waec 2020 , which I believe surely that you will smile if you take action ,

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Getting A in any subject in waec is not a big deal if only you can apply the strategies stated above ,

Thanks for taking your precious time to read this article did you have any question? If yes drop it in the comment box below.

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