How To Pass Post UTME exam: 2019/2020 Post UTME Secret

Have you been searching for things like, How to pass Post UTME exam or How to pass post UTME screening Examination in 2019/2020 Search know more because here am going to show you How to pass post UTME exam and score very high in fact in 2017 when I wrote my own JAMB I score very low in the sense that I started looking for how to  Gain Admission Into 200L without jamb  but luckily to me I discovered this great secret about post UTME exam, I know if I use this great secret I may end up scoring very high, did you know what later happened ? What later happened after I used this secret is that I scored very high in post UTME which make me to gain admission easily my name appeared in first merit list.

You also can also read and know this post UTME secret and have it at your finger tips,

If you are not informed you will be deformed


     how to pass post UTME exam

  1. Don’t be afraid of Post UTME
    Been afraid of post UTME is the beginning of failure, How can you go near what you are afraid of, remove that fair in you and think as if where you are going to is where you already known before, yes! Post UTME exam is just like other exams you have been writing in your school is just that this one is to prepare you into another school.


2. Have the zeal that you want to pass

It is your hunger that determine your anger

One you have the zeal that , yes I must pass this post UTME exam truly you will, because you mean it and you are pursuing that goal to pass.

3. Study voraciously

In fact start reading immediately you finished reading this secret, start reading as early as possible, this is right time to prepare your self for post UTME exam.

4. Join post UTME study Lesson 

Look for post UTME lesson centre in your area and enrol your self it will help you alot, so you do not come back here next year to read How to pass post UTME exam if there is no way for you to join post UTME lesson u can call your friends that are preparing for post UTME examination also and form a study group it will also help you a lot.

5. Look for post UTME past questions

Post UTME past questions also play a great roll in preparing for your school post UTME examination, Look for past questions of the school that you want to write post UTME and buy or collect their past questions and study, sometimes they do repeat some questions.

6. Improve on your hand writing

Improve on your hand writing image

Why i use to fail some subjects during my secondary school days is because of my hand writing, but since I improved it before I wrote my post UTME in fact it have been helping me, you also can try to work on your hand writing and make sure what ever you write is readable by any competent person.

7. Avoid Distraction

Distraction have been a major problem I have before my post utme and their are some distractive agent that you can’t avoid permanently, when I want to write my post UTME exam I have to travel out of my location to my Aunty’s place to study in other for me to avoid distractions, and be away from friends except those new one i met in post UTME study group and avoid been online on social always like before.

8. Conclusion

Remove things like exam tension from your self , make sure you always read instruments carefully before you answer any questions, do not wast time on hard questions and be dynamic in your studies, because it is not the way you study English that you can study mathematics, I wish you success in your post UTME examination.

I hope you enjoy this secret on How to pass post UTME exam? If yes! I will be glad to hear from you using the comment box below.

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