How To Prepare For JAMB 2020 ( Techniques to pass JAMB)

How to prepare for JAMB
How to prepare for JAMB

How to prepare for JAMB


How to prepare for JAMB 2020 is what we are going to talk about today I will reveal all the proven techniques that you can use to prepare and pass JAMB excellently without stress,

This golden techniques that am about to show you here have helped many candidates to pass JAMB and gained admission to study their desired course,

I also used this techniques in 2018 when I was preparing for my own JAMB at the end I scored 299 with the help of this hot techniques,

Who told you that JAMB is hard , tell the person it’s lie , if he is arguing tell him to read this preparation guide,

This guide will make JAMB examination look like ordinary Assignment to you if you make good use of it ,

Key things that I will point out in this article are;

  • 1.) How to prepare for Jamb 2020
  • 2.) What to do a day before JAMB examination
  • 3.) What to do when you finally arrived at the jamb CBT centre.

After reading this article and you take action by following this guide your great chance of passing JAMB CBT examination will increase to 96%

no jamb candidate that make use of this guide that do not use to come back here to share the testimony with us ,

a guy once told me that he scored 270 after using this guide , in fact he also told me that this preparation guide make the jamb exam look exactly like home work to him , wow!

Now let stop the story and jump into the ocean of success ,

How to prepare for jamb 2020

1.) Switch off every distractive activities

Distractive activities are those things that do not use to allow you to be focused , just think now,

what are those things that do not use to allow you to be focus? , is it your friends, people around you , movies etc once you discovered those things that distract you run away from them ,

when I was preparing for my own jamb I discover that the major things that is ditracting me is my friends I just change my location to stay with one of my sister since am new in that

Location no friends to distract me, I also stay away from watching movies since I so much love watching movies also .

I no it’s not easy to stay way from most of those things but you have to because it worth it, Let go on to the second technique on how to prepare for JAMB.

2.) Draft our a nice personal timetable or Reading pattern.

Try to draft out a personal timetable because timetable draw your attention to your reading table once it’s time to study, having a timetable will make you to start reading every day if you follow it ,

Be dedicated to your study to your study schemes.

3.) Turn On your alarm

Set your alarm to be able to wake you up once it is time to study, once you hear the alerm try as much as you can to wake up and pick your book and start reading immediately ,

kill laziness and stay away from been lazy , if you are lazy your chance of passing JAMB is 3% take the alarm as your father that give you instruction to read once it is time .

4.) Avoid key points

Key points is a killer in preparing for jamb, never try to use key points to prepare for jamb because key points are not well detailed in information concerning a particular topic ,

rather make use of Standard textbooks with adequate information on a particular topic, after that move to the next steps.

5.) Make Use of JAMB syllabus

Why must you make use of jamb syllabus , it is because jamb syllabus is were all the topics that jamb will bring out there questions from is located,

Try to study according to the syllabus and the topic as contained in the syllabus should be your major focus.

6.) Test your self periodically

Always try to test your self periodically on a particular topic to no if you really understood what you have been studying,

Also make use of past questions to test your self , solve past qquestions to no how far you have gone in studying.

7.) Do computer training

Since jamb examination is no more paper and pencil type (PPT) rather Computer base test (CBT)

Look for any Computer training center around you and enroll your self it will make you to be computer literate .

8.) Apply for JAMB yourself

Do not send someone your details to help you and register jamb go their and do every thing by your self,

to avoid regret able mistakes that most jamb candidates do make such as ; mistake in their subject combination, Their choice of institution etc.

Those are the eight techniques on how to Prepare for JAMB 2020 without stress,

Now, let go on to the next steps which is were I will reveal the most important things you should no about jamb that will really help you during and after your jamb examination.

Once you have no techniques on how to prepare for jamb the next thing is what to do a day before jamb examination it is very important and worth knowing.

What to do a day before jamb examination

1.) Remove this type of negative thought “Will I pass JAMB this year” once it is a day before jamb examination many candidates will start to think and asking them self many question such as ,

have I covered all topics in the jamb syllabus, how sure am I that I will even score up to 180 , will I pass jamb this year etc never think about those things rather get read and be hopeful to pass , tell your self that you must pass jamb this year.

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2.) Sleep early a day before jamb exam

Yes! Try to sleep early a day before jamb exam never try to read over night just revise your textbooks before you sleep , sleeping early will make you to be able to wake up early and get prepared .

3.) Try as much as you can to arrive at the venue 2hour before the exam

So you can take a good look at the environment and get adapted to it, arriving to the exam center on time will make you look for your exam hall before the exam Start,

and also check to no if the materials that you are required to take to the exam centre is complete by checking other peoples own.

I hope you understand my points , let move on to the next step which is one of the most important part of the article on how to prepare for jamb 2020.

What to do when you finally arrived at the exam center

1.) Make sure you do your ( thumbprint ) or (Sign) both before you enter exam hall and once you come out of exam hall it is very important.

2.) Read all instructions that you come across before and during the exam

3.) Do not wast time on any question if the question is hard leave it and go to the next , later you come back to it.

4.) Start with your best subject
If your best subject is English start from it , to avoid wasting time cracking your brain in the other subjects.

Sure if you follow this techniques on how to prepare for JAMB and pass your success in jamb is 96% the other remaining 4% is natural and it is been done by the creator.

I will like to see how you feel about this great article do you feel that this techniques will help you to prepare adequately for jamb 2020 or what?


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