8 Keys in JAMB 2020 To Use And Write JAMB Without Mouse

8 keys in JAMB


Have you started preparing for jamb 2020 and you are looking for 8 keys in jamb without using mouse, welcome this is the right page you do not miss road ,

in my previous article on How to prepare and pass JAMB in 2020 I pointed out many proven techniques on how to prepare for JAMB 2020 in the right way that after using the strategies that I pointed out your chance of passing jamb will increase to 96%

In the preparation guide I pointed out one of the hottest point which is (Computer Illiterate) where I stated that for you to pass jamb you need to do computer training ,

Oh! Smile because I have discovered a key to pass jamb without even doing any computer training , many of my friend’s on Facebook used this strategy in 2019 and they all pass their jamb examination,

Am here to show you the keys, after showing you this and you make good use of it you will even finished writing before those that did computer training will even finished,

I call this strategy (Smart keys) because those keys are been used without mouse all you only need is just to note all those keys that is all,

Why I love those keys is that it is easy to learn , Use and also easy to understand.

Now, let me turn on the TV for us to watch

8 keys in jamb without mouse

Below are the 8 keys to use in Jamb 2020 without using mouse , in fact you can use below keys to write jamb without knowing how to operate computer ;

1.) A – once you press A in the keyboard option A will be selected , That means you chose A as your correct answer.

2.) B – if you want to choose B as your correct answer just look at the keyboard and click B option B will be selected and that becomes your answer.

3.) C – to choose C as your correct answer just click C on the keyboard ,(C represent option C).

4.) D – To choose option D as your correct answer just click D on the keyboard , option D becomes your answer.

5.) P – to go back to the previous questions , just press P it will take you to the previous question.

6.) N – To go to the next question just press N on the keyboard and it will take you to the next question.

7.) S – to Submit your exam , once you are done and you are sure that you have answered all questions just press N to submit.

8.) R – to reverse just press R

That is all on the topic 8 keys in jamb 2020 , have you seen how great and simple this strategy is ?

I no you will like to try it , once you do please come back here to tell us your experience

Let me still show you some things you will also need to no

JAMB questions is 180 , will Time; 2hour

You will use just 40 seconds on each question

Check out this below format

English question is 60 = 40 mins

2nd subject is 40 questions = 27 mins

3rd subject is 40 questions = 27 mins

4the subjects is 40 questions = 26 mins

Which makes it total of 120mins = 2 hour

If you have any question based on 8 keys in jamb 2020 feel free to drop it in the comment box.


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