11 proven ways to be successful in school

11 proven ways to be successful in school


In life, everyone wants to be successful. Everyone wants to make it, grow bigger, be the master and equally master of others. The truth about life is that no one wants to live in another person’s shadow. Everyone wants to succeed no one wants to fail. I am not surprised because that’s the nature of human being. No human being will tell you “I am born to fail” or I want to willingly fail this or that.

Have you tried one or two things in school or while you school and didn’t succeed?

Have you for once tried achieving a school related something and wasn’t able to accomplish it?

I don’t want you to count yourself as a failure. No, you haven’t failed. The truth is that those who fail are those that will succeed tomorrow. There is a saying that says “it is better to fail at a certain time and succeed than to succeed now and fail later”

Many thing led to my move of writing this post. I believe this post is for you. Do you think it is for you?

Now, how to be successful in school. Wouldn’t you like to be a school success?

Wouldn’t you like to be a great scholar..someone that your institution’s make reference to when the need arises.

Many people have been asking me questions which relates to how to be successful in school of which are;

How to be successful in life and in school?

How to become a good student.

How to become a good scholar.

You’ve seen you are not the only one looking for ways to be successful in school.

Now, let me tell you another thing you may find interesting. Your mates are making searches on the net with this kind of words-

“Things you should do at school”

“Success tips for school students”

“What do you do at school everyday”

I know you may be wondering what is this 11 proven ways to be successful in school. Just calm down, you will get the full gist in a flash. This 11 proven ways to be successful in school has really helped me and my friends from secondary school level till the university and I know it will continue to help you and me.

Scholar, I call you reading this post scholar because from today you have become a great scholar as long as you follow this success tips for school students. Let’s look at the 11 proven proven ways to be successful in school. Oya balance yourself and follow me as we flow together.. Don’t eat your popcorn alone.

1. Don’t just be motivated, rely on systems.

Do you know why some students fail?

Do you know why some students are not always at their best?

So, you don’t know?

Okay, I will tell you right now so that you will remember.. You know the answer ,but you are having difficulties in retaining the information.

The reason why most student fail is not because they are not intelligent, not because they are not smart, not because they are not brilliant. It is simply because they rely on motivation rather than relying on the system.

What do you mean by rely on motivation rather than on the system.

In life, the secret is being CONSISTENT. why?

This is because a consistent person is one always on a drive and not on motivation.

Now, let me ask you this question.

What drives you in life?

What pushes you to success?

What motivate you ahead of others?

I believe you have the answer, but what if, what if and what if that your driver stops driving you?

Will you still be able to do well?

It is better to follow the system of being consistent than following motivation.

If you rely on systems which is to always and always and forsake motivation which can die off any time, then success is a big goal for you in school.

2. Practice what you have learnt in that same day.

Someone be so uneasy and disturbed concerning this second prove among the 11 proven ways to be successful in school. I want you to remain calm, I want you to understand that “getting information is not a big thing. The big thing is being able to store that information for later use”

After you have learnt one or two things in q classroom, you are expected to go home and relearn that same topic as it will help you a long way to be successful in school.

Don’t take these success tips for school students for granted. This 11 proven ways to be successful in school has helped at least over 100 students and that’s why I have decided to increase the number and I believe you will give testimony soon. Let’s go to third 11 proven ways to be successful in school.

3. Jot everything down.

What then is the need to write it down when I can remember it?

Let me tell you something, are you ready to listen. Listen to me you here reading this post. You are able to remember what you learnt at that time because you have no memory restrain yet.

The moment you receive an information your memory is free to retain at that instance. What will later become difficult is retrieving it in the next month, next year or in five years to become.

Psychologically, there are things we retrieve so easy and so quick that we don’t have to think about it before retrieving. You can always recall that obi is boy and Ada is a girl.

Now, can you recall your primary 4 teacher In school?

Always write everything down if you want to be successful in school. I hope this success tips for school students is already helping you.

4. Try to create a tight weekly schedule.

How can this be of help to me?

Does that mean I won’t have the opportunity to catch fun with some of my boyfriends and girlfriends?

Creating a rough weekly schedule will not cut you off totally from your activities.

In fact, it is a way of managing ones activities in an effective way.

When you have a tight schedule, you will be so organized and so effective in carrying out your daily routine. Having a schedule is having all your activities for the week well planned.

A rough weekly schedule will help you minimize things like;

Hours spent on phone call.

Hours spent on social media.

Hours spent on night parties and the rest of it.

I advice you to quickly get a rough weekly schedule today as it will help you to be successful in school because this is a great success tips for school students and not just students, it goes across to other categories of people in the society at large.

5. Burn distraction before they burn you.

I know you may begin to think ” can distraction burn Someone”?

The absolute truth is Yes! It can burn anyone.

What then is distraction?

Distraction is anything that makes you unfocused, unconcentrated, unbalanced. It is anything capable of diverting your attention from the former to a new one which is usually an irrelevant task, work or activity.

What then can cause you to be distracted?

Listen to me right now. “Whatever that will cause you to be distracted will cost you become successful in school and also in life”

Listen to me once a again,

Do you want to know the causes of distraction?

Okay, let me gist on what may cause someone to be distracted.

A. Girls can distract you if you are a girl or a boy and boys can distract you if you are a boy or girl.

B. Social media

C. Television

D. Radio

E. Friends

F. Family etc

The real truth is that distraction can be found anywhere and can be experienced by anyone. My advice for you is to avoid anything that may want to make you unfocused.

6. Develop a good and positive mindset

A healthy person psychologically is a person with a good mindset. Your thoughts has lot of impact in your life. There is an old notion that says…

“You become what you think all day long”

This thought manifest and takes over our Body, spirit and soul. The truth is that one without those mentioned is not worthy of being a human.

It is therefore necessary to have a good mindset because it keeps us healthy and can help attain success since it aid in our reasoning.

7. Avoid multi tasking

It is always encouraging and worth considering when one focuses on a task before another.

Multi tasking is having two, three or four works unfinished at hand.

When you multi task, you may develop memory strain and aside that, making an achievement become difficult since you will be faced with lot of activities.

As a person who wants to be successful in school must avoid multi tasking. He or she is advised to set a goal and have it attained before moving to the next one.

“A complete built house is better than 5 uncompleted mansion”

Learn to do one thing at a time.

8. Limit your working hours.

Do you work 24hrs in a day non stop?, do you work tirelessly all day?, do you see or has made yourself a working machine.

Well, it is not a bad thing to be a workaholic, but mind you, a healthy person is not one who works all day and night and still have a reserved energy.

A healthy person is someone who has enough resting time not because he or she is lazy or weak, but because the person is considering what tomorrow may become. That individual understands that earned wealth has period of enjoying.

9. Exercise regularly.

A regular exercise helps to keep the body and brain alert. There is an absolute need to burst out various catabolistic mineral in our body so that a proper anabolism can merge.

How often should you exercise?

You should exercise at minimum of once in a week on a regular basis. This is because exercise aside from helps in body building also helps the brain and makes our body free.

What kind of exercise should you do?

The exercise you should do depend on your body type and body shape.

Generally, exercise such as;

A. Running

B. Swimming

C. Jogging

D. Jumping and some other form of exercise are recommended by a medical personnel.

10. Fully Organised.

Have you ever seen rich men or successful men in the society?

If yes, how do you view them?

Do you see them Unkept or always scattered?

I will like to tell you this story this actually happened between me and my friend’s dad.

A certain Friday while I was still in secondary school, I decided to follow my friend to their home.

My friend home is like a mansion. Well, I felt honored since I stay in the ghetto.After greeting in Yoruba dialect ‘eka ele Sir’ which means good evening sir.

He responded in a short while ‘eka ele omo mi’ meaning welcome my son.

After a brief introduction and exchange of pleasantries he questioned me for not having my writing materials at that instance.

It was then I knew the importance of be organized anytime and anywhere.

11. Don’t compare yourself to others.

You may feel that because Emeka did you can also do it. I am not saying Emeka is better than you or that you can not meet up with Emeka’s brilliancy. No, what I am saying is this,

You are not Emeka

And also

Emeka is not you.

Emeka may be better than you or you may be better than emeka. Fine!, you both are great and you’ve got to stop the comparison. You are a great person and you have your own future and your destiny with an awesome purpose.you have to identify your purpose and not others own.

A man told me few weeks ago. “Do you know the best thing that can happen to a man in this world”

I told him is being comfortable in life

To my greatest surprise he said “it is when one is able to identify his purpose in life”

I asked him why and he said “only those with identify purpose has the power to make an achievement.

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