10 Tips Every College Freshman should know

10 Tips Every College Freshman should know

Did you just gain admission into University or college of education and you are looking for hot tips every college freshman should know , if that is what you are looking for keep reading because here I will reveal all hiding tips that you need to no that will help you to succeed in school as a fresh student.

This tips every college freshman should know is must read by any students that is ready to no what it takes to be successful in school because I discovered that the root of most mistakes we make in school is the one we make in year one ,

When we know nothing , when we have not known how the environment looks , but I promise you after reading this hot tips you will give testimony after reading,

Just bust out let me show you the key tips you should know as a year one student.


1.) Look for a calm environment with less distractions

As a new student in college I no you will really need a place to live, but as a student you will need a pleasurable place to live in that has less distractions ,

before you rent a hostel as a student you have to , no the kind of people you are going to live with in the hostel , the nature of the environment just to no if it is conducive or not , and to no if the hostel have some necessary things such as toilet, bathroom , water etc because some hostels do not even have water nor toilet even some people are using bush method instead of nice toilet.

people living in the hostel also matter a lot ask your self are those people living in the hostel students or non students, if they are students fine if they are not good, but are they the type that do cause trouble or making a lot of unnecessary noises in the hostel even some students like playing music just to use it to distract the serious ones in the hostel,

The best thing you need to do as a first year student is just for you to look for an accommodation with less or no distraction.

2.) Show your skill / Handwork

Always remember to spend wisely , do not just waste your parent hard earn money unnecessarily, but do you have to depend on your parent for every thing? The answer is no,

Do you have any skill or do you know any handwork that you can showcase to students like you most especially your course mates, if yes! That you have good,

Bring it out and show it to other students even if it is a product that you no how to produce and it is already in existence then try and make sure your own is the best try to make your own to be different and taste nice than other existing ones.

Am I telling you to leave your study and face skill/handwork , no am not what am actually telling you is that as a new student in school you will need a lot of money , for food stuff, books etc do you need to always call your parent all the time? No you do not but with the help of your skill you can be earning some little income .

I could remember back then when I was in year one in the university , I usually call my parent to send money to me each week most especially for feeding but at some points my problem became to much for them they have no option than to change their phone number to a new one,

That was when I entered trouble since no way to contact them again, hopeless boy have no option than to showcase what is in him to people since am good in writing and people do love my article each time I write my spirit told me “Usulor Godwin pick your phone and enter online” and i started searching for things like ; companies looking for writers in Nigeria , professional writers needed, we need a good writer etc I was able to get one at the end of my research ,

I found a company that want me to start writing for them after much questions and online interview from them I was later employed and they pay me per week and I work from home ,

In fact I have earned x from writing just article for the company from their other people started calling me to write for them , as a new student this is time to plan by learning to be self independent financial .

3.) Attend lectures regularly

This is one of the major tips every college freshman should know , never you think of missing any lecture because you will miss alot if you do and

Some lectures do take attendance very serious in the sense that if you miss any of their lectures you are in trouble because that might be the causes of your failure as a first year student,

Now! Let me ask this question , what are you here in compus to do again apart from studying and attending lectures , I no your answer is nothing,

Missing lectures will make you not no what was though in class in your absense and the worst part of it is that , what if things that were though in your absense is the same thing that comes out of exam , how will you face it? Just tell me, that is just the major reason why need to attend lectures always.

4.) Do not be Afraid to ask qestions

Do not be ashamed of your need for help, do you have question that you want to ask And you are afraid of asking , remove that fair in you , do not feel to no ,

I mean do not feel that you no all things, because their are some things that you think that you no that you do not no, make sure you ask question and as a new students in the university or college of education you will make a lot of mistakes if you fail to ask for example some freshers do make mistakes such as ;

not knowing the different between department and faculty and some will not even no were their department is, the best thing is for you to ask question so you can move to the write direction ask question about the next thing to do the next course you people are having, about a topic etc that will really help you as a fresher in the college.

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5.) Manage your time wisely

Do I really me time , yes! time is an asset not a handset, you can’t hold time to stop moving it will keep on moving , time wait for nobody any Minuit that you miss is gone and can not be regain for ever , make sure you plan well , draft out a nice time table that will serve as your guide , make good use of the time table and never miss any Minuit that you set for a particular purpose, I could remember in my year one first semester I wasted a lot of my time playing football and attending parties with many of my friends , I failed to start studying for my exam early enough which later make me to fail many of my courses, the sixth point below will show you how I manages to raise up gain.

6.) Do not Cram rather study hard

Do not even thing of cramming , because cramming kill a lot in when it comes to educational sector , what do I mean by cramming ? And what do I mean by studying?

Cramming is the process of trying to get every content inside a book to your brain in a short period of time . or I can say cramming is study intensively over a short period of time just before an examination.

Now! what does studying mean? application of the mind to the acquisition of knowledge, as by reading, investigation, or reflection: long hours of study.

Studying takes time and much effort , the process of studying deals with mind and brain so also cramming do, when we talk of cramming , cramming takes less time and effort to get the whole content in the book to your brain , I hope you understand the two terms now! So let move on , my point here is that you should avoid cramming because it kill alot, you can forget what you crammed easily but it will be very difficult to forget what you studied easily so I urge you to avoid cramming and start studying as a fresher.

7.) Find a way to stay focused in classes

Try as much as you can find a way to stay focused in lectures, any thing that can make you loose focus avoid it, stay away from girls if they are the once disturbing you,

I do not say you should stop talking to girl rather no the way you associate with them.

8.) Make sure you have passion for your course of study

Try as much as you can to have passion for the course in which you are studying, because if you do not have passion for it you will not feel happy about it most especially when reading it,

but if you have passion for it you will love talking about the course you will like to make more research about it, you will be ready to face any course that others are saying that is hard and very difficult to pass, as a fresher make sure you have passion for the course you are studying .

Make sure you follow your curiosity , pursue what you are passionate about.

9.) Note that this the right time to make connections

Now you have left secondary school to the university or college of education , you have left your old friends to the new environment were you do not no any one,

This is the right time for you to make connection and start connected with many great people , make connection with people that you have common and those you do not have common dream with,

And as you no in this our country connection have helped a lot of people to get to very high possible of authority,

Even , Some ministers today were connected by their friends to the possible in which they are now! Ask a fresher no the type of connection you make but my advertise is that you should stay connected with people that will add value to your life.

10.) Improve your hand writing

When it comes to writing make sure your hand writing is nice and readable , bad hand writing can make you fail examination and as a fresher you might have a bad hand writing in your secondary school

now you are in the college you need to improve it to more better one that any body will see and say wow! This a very cool hand writing.

In my year one first semester I fail “Use of English” just because of my bad hand writing but I later improved it when I discover it.

Not only improving your hand writing make sure you improve on your vocabulary too , the way you speak matters a lot .

I will like to hang up here ,I appreciate you taking your precious time to read this tips every college freshman should know,, I strongly believed that once you take action based on the above mentioned point,

your chance of succeeding in the college or university or in any area of learning you find your self is 100% sure because this above points also helped me to in my university days.


Did you have any question based on this topic , feel free to ask using the comment box below.

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