10 Things You Should Never Do Before Exams (Untold tips)

Things you should never do before exams
Things you should never do before exams

In my previous article on how to prepare for JAMB 2020 I pointed out many helpful tips which I no basically that it is going to help many students ,

I still remain Usulor Godwin your academic and career Counselor who turn JAMB examination into home work , but that is not our major aim of this great article

But before I bust out the aim of this great article I will like to ask you some question , sorry to ask you this , Have you ever came into confusion just few weeks to your examination based on the type of book to read , asking your self have you understood any thing that you have been reading at all ,

My dear you are not alone here Is the land of success no student ever enter here that ever fail , just keep reading as I show you things you should never do before exams ,

Things you should never do before exams

1.) Delete Social Media

Fight the urge of using your phone always before exam , most especially login in to social media like Facebook,Whats-app and others ,

That might make you to loose focus and your attention will be diverted to social media instead of your books, what I can only tell you is do not use social media before exam , it might make you fail.

2.) Turn Off your TV

What do I mean by turning off TV , I mean switch off Every thing that might serve as disturbing agent to you , run away from watching TV always , use the time to study instead of wasting your time watching TV ,

Your friend might serve as another TV in the sense that they might hook you to play with them instead of studying your book,

All you need to do is stay away from them before exams.

3.) Do not ask your friends how far they have gone in studying

Yes , never try to ask your friend how much they have studying , why? Because it might lead you to frustration in the sense that , if your friends have studied let me say the whole book you people are to read and you have not even read half of the text , it might lead you to frustrating your self trying to meet up with your friends.

4.) Do Not compare your own timetable to your friends timetable

Never try to compare your own timetable to your friends timetable , because your friends might set to read the hard subject first and read the easy subject last , will your own is mixed with both hard and easy subject, never worry and do not try to change the timetable or your method of read until you are done with exams ,

5.) Do not pick any new book

Never try to start studying new book that you have not been reading before exam , because it might lead you into confusion , and might make you forget the once you have stored in your brain before

6.) Do not just read Diagram

Do not just read or watch diagram rather learn how to draw the diagram and not what the diagram is all about because you might be ask during exam to draw and label the diagram , if you do not learn how to draw it and label that means that question you will get zero .

7.) Do not eat Outside Food

Never eat out side food apart from the one you eat at home , because food that you eat outside might make you to be feeling asleep always , the food might even be causing and making you to be dull , eat more of vegetable and fruits before exams because it will improve your health quality and make you to be fast in doing things .

8.) Do not hurt your self in any part of your body

Never allow your body to be hurt , any thing that make cause accident or make affect your body negatively avoid it , because once you get hurt , and any part of your body is paining you might loose focus.

9. ) Get sufficient amount of sleep

Try to get sufficient amount of sleep daily before your start reading at least 5 hour sleep is OK for your body as a student preparing your exam , after sleep never forget to take your bath before you move to your reading table because taking bath before reading after sleep will make your body stretched and feel cool .

10.) Believe in your self

This is also one of the key important things you should never do before exams , just believe in your self that you can do it , never depend on your friend because they might disappoint you on the exam day , never think about doing malpractice because security in the exam hall this days are smarter than you ever think , remove any negative thoughts and stay strong you will see your self swimming across.

Those 10 things you should never do before exams will really help you very well if you try it out ,

do you have any question feel free to ask ,Thanks for taking your time to read this.



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